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Horoscope orders and Refund policy.

All our horoscope reports are processed manually with our clients birth data. Therefore chart services are not refundable unless we have made an error in entering birth data in producing a report. 'That's Me!' Horoscopes will correct the error at no further charge to you and send you a free substitute. Please do not send a report back, except if we explicitly ask you to - usually we will be able to find out all about it from our own records.

Processing and delivery.

Usually, we process all orders within 4 working days after receiving an order. In exceptional cases, e.g. after a bank holiday or when we are extremely busy, it is not possible for us to guarantee these terms.
Your horoscope report will be sent to you by e-mail as a PDF.


It is not possible to cancel an order which has been placed. We do not take the product back, as all horoscopes are generated uniquely for each order.

Orders which are delivered late cannot be cancelled either.

Payment and transactional information.

You can pay safe and easily.

Choose between two options. 1. Pay through your Paypal account. 2. Pay with your credit card through Paypal (no Paypal account needed).

PayPal will ask for information such as name, address and credit card information. Users' credit information is transferred over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) line. This ensures your information is encrypted and cannot be read by any other Internet users. The secure mode begins upon ordering. For more information click here.

Taxes and surcharges All prices quoted on the website are including VAT.

Any questions referring to a paid order should be sent by e-mail to .

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