Astrology and horoscopes can help you better understand yourself and give you an indication about your future. Also they give you information about your career, romance and relationships, finance, health, family matters and all the other aspects of life.
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Order your extensive, 60+ pages Personal and Professional Life Horoscope about the inner you. It comes together with a FREE Bonus, your Astrological Personal and Career Predictions upto 2020 for only $ 39.90 USD (normal price $ 55.90 USD). The horoscope is sent directly to you by e-mail.

Astrology and horoscopes provide information about your personality, your career, sex and relationships, money issues, health, family and all the other aspects of your life. Your horoscope is unique and personalized to your birth town, birth date and time of birth - no horoscope is the same. The report is easy to read, the language is down-to-earth and positive in tone.

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order the ultimate Relationship Horoscope with everything you want to know about your Soulmate, sex and many, many other interesting facts. (25+ pages).

Positive Interpretations and Personal Growth

Our interpretations strive to reveal the meaning of life´s challenges as well as to help you define your spiritual and professional direction in life in a positive way.

The message is that it is possible to achieve, through insight and application, optimal results from the cards that have been dealt out at your birth. Your problems can be transformed into resources through wise action.

If you have an open mind and if you are interested in your personal development, these horoscope interpretations will offer you valuable insights.

Your Personal and Professional Life Horoscope (60+ pages)

Your horoscope will contain detailed information about all major astrological influences. These descriptions are divided in 2 sections: the personal and the professional.

The personal section deals with the emotional issues and in simple terms explains how past childhood issues influence your present behaviour, and what is requested to eliminate unconscious sabotage mechanisms. Read all about your Life Path, your Identity, your Emotions, your Mentality, your Values, your Drives, your Challenges, Transformation etc. etc.

The professional section offers you an analysis of all the astrological aspects regarding your work and professional potential. The professional section addresses the questions: "What talents do I have?" and "How can I use my abilities?"

  • Astrology Reading - Your personal and professional life,
  • Your Horoscope Wheel and Information,
  • Planetary Symbols and their Meanings,
  • FREE BONUS - Predictions for your personal and professional life upto 2020.

The Ultimate Relationship Horoscope (25+ pages)

Spend half an hour reading this horoscope and you get an in-depth insight on your relationship. You'll be amazed with the accuracy of this information.

In a broader context you will see the patterns and the ups and downs in your relationship. You can also understand more of yourself, your partner and how you see each other. What works and what doesn't work in your relationship and your expectations with your partner or potential partner.

Enhance your lovelife in every way! Get the most out of your love-life and sexuality, and enjoy intimacy.

You and your partner. The ultimate Relationship Horoscope. Emotions, soul-mate, love and sex, your wishes.

  • Horoscope analysis for each other's identities, emotional sides and how they interact,
  • Your soul-mate: what does this relationship mean in a longer term,
  • What are your and your partner's expectations in your love life,
  • The communication between you and your partner.

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Astrology Reading - Your personal and professional life, Horoscope Wheel and Information, Planetary Symbols and their Meanings, FREE BONUS Predictions for your personal and professional life for 2018 and 2019, 50+ pages
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Astrology Reading - You and your partner, Horoscope Wheel, Compatability-graph, 25+ pages
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